Afaxys Pharma Return Goods Policy

Effective: 01 March 2022

Afaxys® values your business and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Our commitment to affordability and access is supported by a return policy that best assures management of costs, security of the product supply chain, and compliance with applicable laws for the benefit of all customers.

You can assure quick and correct request processing by reviewing and following the below instructions and policy. Afaxys processes requests for product refund, credit or replacement of its products in accordance with this policy only from parties that purchased product from an Afaxys Authorized Trading Partner for purposes of resale in the normal course and/or dispensing to patients (and customers for OTC products). To the extent applicable state law or Afaxys contracts provide different or additional return rights, those other laws and/or contractual rights will apply as required.

For all product issues at receipt (quantity, shipping damage) please contact your wholesaler for immediate resolution. For any questions regarding this policy, please contact

Prior Authorization is required for all returns. Credit will not be issued for Ineligible Returns.

Eligible Returns: Product must meet all of the below criteria for credit, refund or replacement eligibility:

  • Return is authorized by Afaxys within policy guidelines and is returned or destroyed as instructed.
  • Product was purchased directly from an Afaxys Trading Partner (see for current list) by an Afaxys authorized purchaser for dispensing in the ordinary course of business, with at least 10 months shelf life when delivered to Customer, and was not purchased as “short-dated” or “non-returnable” product programs.
  • Product is in sealed, original unopened Afaxys packaging (no partials), and all labels, barcodes (including NDC, lot, expiration and serial numbers) are readable and valid.
  • Product is expired, but not more than six (6) months past the expiration date, has latent damage, or is subject to an Afaxys recall.
  • Requester provides requested verification of Product return eligibility and required information.
  • Credit requests must be submitted at the price paid for the product, and in no event higher than WAC pricing.

Ineligible Returns: Product is ineligible if any of the below criteria apply as determined by Afaxys:

  • Requester fails to provide required information, or information is illegible or cannot be verified.
  • Product returned by a patient or not purchased directly from an Afaxys Trading Partner. Third party returns are not accepted, other than as required by Afaxys contract or applicable law.
  • Product with shipping damage or damage from improper customer handling or storage, including smoke, water, infestation or other contamination.
  • Product with broken seals in open packages, from which individual units have been removed, or for which the label or any NDC/GTIN, lot expiration or serial number codes are defaced, covered, obscured, removed, unreadable or invalid.
  • Product was obtained illegally or sold as short dated, close-out, special promotion and/or sold as non-returnable, repackaged, or to non-authorized purchasers, or not obtained for dispensing in the ordinary course of business.
  • Product sold to any government stockpile program will not be eligible for return.
  • Excessive product returns resulting from inadequate inventory controls, return policy abuse or speculative purchasing.
  • Product not destroyed within 30 days of authorization.
  • Outdated returns totaling $25.00 or less.
  • Credit request submitted above the price paid for the product and/or WAC will be considered ineligible.

Procedure: Refund, credit or replacement will only be authorized if the below procedure is followed.

  • Quarantine and retain all product until Afaxys confirms RMA action in the event product return is needed for verification or investigation. AFAXYS DOES NOT ACCEPT THE PHYSICAL PRODUCT BACK EXCEPT WHEN REQUIRED FOR PRODUCT INVESTIGATION OR OTHER AFAXYS REQUEST. CUSTOMER MUST ARRANGE FOR DESTRUCTION.
  • Please complete the RMA Form (at ) and send to Required information includes documentation that Product was purchased from an Authorized Trading Partner, amount paid, date of purchase, product identification, and product condition if damaged, customer identification, and payment information for credit/refund. Please note: faxed request RMAs are not accepted. Please transmit all documentation to
  • Afaxys Returns will contact you within five business days of receiving the RMA form with any further information needed, to discuss eligibility and applicable credit or refund, or replacement amounts. Once all required information has been received and verified, Afaxys will issue an action notice on the RMA Request along with further instructions. Afaxys will authorize approval for credit, refund or replacement, or request additional information or deny the request via e-mail.
    • Afaxys will determine in its discretion whether to issue a refund by check, a purchasing credit for replacement, or actual replacement of Afaxys product. Refunds will be sent to the entity that purchased the product. Credits and product replacement when issued will be usable at or shipped by the Afaxys specified Authorized Distributor of Record.
    • Credit/Refund amounts will be equal to the lower of the following: (i) net actual purchase price paid by customer for product or (ii) contract price customer was eligible for in connection with the purchase. In all cases, amount paid will not include any wholesaler shipping, handling, other fees or markup to contract pricing, or third party processing fees.
    • Returns with credit or refund authorizations are subject to a processing fee of 15% of requested amount unless waived by Afaxys. Customer is responsible for processing fees, shipping fees and destruction fees, except for Afaxys requested returns or product recalls.
  • The customer must arrange for product destruction or other action per the Afaxys RMA action notification. Customer must provide Afaxys the certificate of destruction documentation with the completed RMA form to receive authorized credit, refund or replacement. Ensure all required account information is provided on the RMA form. Refund, credit or replacement authorizations expire thirty (30) days from issuance, and are subject to invalidation if the certificate of destruction is not provided to Afaxys within that period.

Approved            19 May 2015

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Afaxys at 1-855-888-2467 or report via the FDA MedWatch Program at or 1-800-FDA-1088.

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